VueJS plugin to annotate Data Visualization.
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This library is a VueJS plugin that allows the annotation of data visualizations produced by Vega, Vega-lite and rendered as SVG.

About the ColVis project

ColVis is an academical project that allows analysts to annotate data visualizations. Technically, it consists of several libraries, including this one.



  • A VueJS application
  • Yarn instead of NPM


The ColVis project is still in active development and I do not plan to release it on NPM before the code reaches a decent matury level. In order to use colvis-client, you cannot rely on the NPM repository. Instead, you add external dependencies to your package.json file in your project:

    dependencies: {
        "colvis-client": "ssh://",

Please make sure that you have added a working SSH key to your Gogs account in order to use this dependency as illustrated above.


  1. Import colvis-client in your project
  2. Tell Vue to use Colvis
import Vue from 'vue';
import Colvis from 'colvis-client';

new Vue(

Run the example of this repository

Please check the dedicated page to run the example.


Structure of this repository

This repository was built through Vue CLI 3. Its structure is as follows:

  • dist: distribution version of the library. Use these files in your project, though this should work automatically if you import or require.
  • example: an example of working Colvis interface
  • src: the main content of the library
    • assets: js, and potentially other files that are processed when building the app
      • utils: various js functions meant to be used by the plugin
    • components: the VueJS components that structure the app
      • input: all components related to the annotation-taking part of Colvis
      • (soon) retrieval: all components related to the display of the annotations taken by Colvis
    • models: classes that are regularly used in the components
  • tests: unit tests
  • types: some type definitions for typescript

Compiles and minifies for production

yarn run build

Run tests

yarn run test

Lints and fixes files

yarn run lint